Wyatt’s Coffee Grand Opening

Wyatt’s Coffee has opened a second location in downtown Gainesville, bringing local grown options to coffee lovers.

Attending the grand opening was a very smooth process compared to other grand openings I have attended in Gaiensville. I waited in line for about 15 minutes, and was met with amazing service for such a hectic day.

Wyatt’s coffee shop aesthetic is the perfect place to come study, relax or capture aesthetically pleasing pictures for your Instagram. You can tell there was a lot of detail that went into the interior design of the location.

I had visited Wyatt’s location in Midtown, so I was familiar with their menu. I went with a favorite of mine and ordered the iced chai tea latte with almond milk.

When I got my order the coffee tasted like a familiar sweetness but I wasn’t used to it in coffee. Looking through my drink I realized they used brown sugar instead of regular sugar which gave the latte a warmer sweetness.

If you ever tried Wyatt’s let me know what you ordered below.

Wyatt’s | http://www.wyattscoffee.com/

Wyatt’s Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/wyattscoffee/


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