Decluttering Your Life While Working From Home

Hi guys,

I know we have all be in the house because of corona, some taking it better than others.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Where Have I Been?, I know some people are struggling with this mandatory Work From Home.

It’s clear we’re not being allowed to leave anytime soon, which makes for the perfect time to fo deep Spring cleaning.

If you’re not sure where to start, I will share with you tips and a plan to put into place.

Declutter Plan

A good way to not get overwhelmed in the decluttering process is to spend time to decluttering a different area of your space/home each day of the week. It may be best to start with your room. Waking up and entering a clear room makes me feel so refreshed and at peace.

Following the KonMari plan, its best to start with clothes. There is enough time to really go through your clothes, possibly revamp your style as you transition into the season. Come out of this quarantine a better version of yourself.

Clean your sheets, reconfigure your space, get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a person. A great quote from Marie Kondo, “Keep what brings your joy, if it doesn’t bring you joy get rid of it.” Especially if you’re working from your room this is perfect to make working in your room a productive space.

Next, deep clean your bathroom, hoping that you keep cleaning supplies on hand since the stores and online stores have nothing. Get to deep cleaning. This will help when you work on morning and night-time routines or want to take an extended bath.

Once your immediate space is done, work on your kitchen. This is the area where you will be fueled to stay productive. Get rid of pots you haven’t used or don’t use. However, don’t mistake this with pots or pans you may use for special occasions.

Last, take the time to enjoy your new space. Find comfort in this unplanned transition, while it is hard. Focus on things you never have the chance to do and maintain it for transitioning back tot he 9-6 work life.

Declutter Tips

How are you adjusting? Have you been able to be productive during this time? Have you been doing spring cleaning?

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