Where Have I Been?

Hi fashionista/o’s,

It has been so long but feels good to be back in this platform. I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been and the reason for my absence. 

Well a lot has happened and I’m going to try to give you all as quick of a recap as possible. 

One of the last updates I gave you all is I graduated college, which left me feeling relieved and accomplished. I continued working at my job but knew I couldn’t stay there forever. Everyday life began to feel like I was losing myself and I just became really unhappy with life. However, I sought out ways to combat the unhappiness. I launched a boutique, which I did talk about on the blog, which has been a goal of mine for sometime. 

I moved to New York City which is a dream come true and feels so unreal. I can’t believe I’m here writing this blog post in my dream city. In September, I packed up my rental and moved some of my things to New York City and felt a sense of discomfort, I was in a foreign place and had to learn how things work here. I’m still happy and enjoying the experiences that have happened thus far.


My most recent venture, which I’m giving you all an exclusive on is launching a platform, Pour Into My Cup. I know that there are people like me that may feel unhappy with life, wanting to go after their passion and don’t have the courage to do it or just or unsure where to start. With Pour Into My Cup, I want to inspire people with others stories and a little of my own journey with finding your passion and living a fulfilled life. 


Personally I don’t feel anyone should live a life you aren’t happy with. The podcast portion of the brand will launch this Thursday. 

Thank you all for sticking with me through this journey of life and rolling with the punches. It is an adventure that I am enjoying with turning each page and living each moment. No more comeback stories, I am here to stay. 

Style On | Inspire On,


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