Where Have I Been?

Hi guys,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. I feel a bit of nostalgia. First, let me apologize for my inconsistency.

If you were keeping up with my life, I moved to New York City in September of 2018. Started a full-time job in April and life just began.

Having a full-time job in New York City while finding the balance of working out, eating healthy, spending time with friends and focusing on my brand. Sometimes things fall through the crack. During the time, my brand took a major loss.

I remember in college attending club meetings and attendees always asking speakers, ‘how do you find work-life balance ?’

I thought about but didn’t realize the challenges. Living in New York City, my only challenge was not having much to do. In New York City, its a different challenge each day.

During this unexpected Corona self-isolation break or Rona. Its give me the break and silver-lining I have been looking for. The peace to restructure my life and get things back on track. I am finding the beauty in thus break and it feels good.

How are you doing during this break? What are you able to accomplish? What are you having challenges with?

Inspire On,


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