New York City What’s In My Gym Bag?

Guys always want to know what’s in girls bags. Sorry ladies but I’m spilling the beans and sharing what’s in my gym bag to kill all the curiosity.

First, my gym bag is an all black Puma bag from Marshall’s. I paid about $20 for it and it was worth the purchase.

The first item in my gym bag is shea butter, i always reach for this because it’s New York City and in the winter it’s cold.

Next I have petroleum jelly or chap stick for my lips, because once again winter in New York City is drying.

Now for my workout equipment, I have booty bands, it comes in three levels but I stick to high or medium.

I mainly use these to intensify my booty workout. Aside from the bands I utilize resistance bands.

During my commute to the gym, I keep a book with me to read. Taking a break from listening to music is a good time to unwind.

Check out the video above for all detailed items.

What’s in your gym bag? Any must have items?


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