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What Is #NoSpendSeptember? & How To Execute It

It’s the beginning of September and I am bringing back my version of #NoSpendSeptember challenge.

Over that past few days, I have gotten alot of feedback and misconceptions of what #NoSpendSeptember is. This challenge does not mean you do not spend any money at all. That is impossible to do, if you can do it pat on the back.

I wanted to do this challenge because with quarantine, I realized I was spending alot of money on nonsense. Within the last month, I was ordering out for almost every meal and my savings wasn’t really going anywhere. Also, I opened a new bank account that will be able to help me reach my money goals, but I can’t reach them if I’ve fallen off. My end goal is to cut out leisure spending and get my budget back on track.

That is where I bring back an old challenge that I’ve done before to help me get back on track. Here is how I came up with my #NoSpendSeptember plan. You are not not spending money 


#NoSpendSeptember, does not mean you are not spending money,

That would be impossible to not spend any money for a whole month. You still have to pay bills and living expenses to survive.

  • Identify which spending habits you want to change
    • Eating out TOO much
    • Shopping and using everything asa. #treatmyself reasoning
  • What Habits Do You Want To Change/Improve
    • How much I’m eating out/ How much money I spend eating out
    • My shopping habits 
    • Creating a budget 
    • Increasing my saving goals 
  • Implementing New Habits 
    • How much can I eat out a week 
    • What is my budget to shop 
    • What is my budget

My #NoSpendSeptember plan can be found here.

Reach out if you have any questions or want clarity on making a plan. Please note that I am not a financial advisor, just a girl trying to create some wealth around here.

Inspire On,