What I Eat In A Day

Going towards eating a healthy lifestyle means having fuel impacted meals throughout the day. Sometimes, I can eat like a pig and want everything in sight and others I can eat one meal and feel full the entire day. I wanted to share with you what I ate in a day to show that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. It can actually be really fun and you don’t have to let your favorite foods go.

Breakfast is my favorite time of the day and I will eat breakfast food at anytime of the day.

If a restaurant serves breakfast food 24/7 chances are I will order it over anything on the menu. My favorite breakfast food is pancakes. However, I decided to switch it up and have french toast with fall in the air and the french beak staring me down at Trader Joe’s. Before heading to Trader Joe’s I went to the farmers market and brought meat which included sausage patties. The eggs were from the previous week’s shopping trip.


Trader Joe’s didn’t have nutmeg in season so I only seasoned my french toast with cinnamon and added blueberries for a sweet topping. I noticed that I would buy condiments for specifically one food items so I stopped buying syrup and used honey instead.


While at the farmers market I picked up a pizza to have for my lunch. The pizza was a build your own and any toppings added, the monies collected is donated to Hurricane Harvey victims. I got a cheese pizza with jalapeno cream cheese as my sauce, tomatoes and pineapples (Yes ! pineapples go on pizza.). The pizza was definitely different from your normal cheese pizza, but was a good change.




Honestly,  I skip dinner often and will literally go to bed not eating it. No, I’m not starving myself, I just don’t have an appetite often to want to eat. I put together a salad, something light, but could satisfy my stomach for the night with a green tea.


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