Traveling Solo

Heading on a Solo Road trip?

I actually love to travel by myself, it gives me a chance to clear my head and have peace for a few hours. It takes twenty minutes max to get anywhere in my small college town, to be able to drive a few hours to clear my head I crave for. However, sometimes I do not always need to clear my head and may be in the mood to listen to music, podcasts or talk on the phone. I do try to reframe from talking on the phone and use the time as my alone time.

Here are my top three favorite things to do while traveling solo:

  1. Listening to Podcasts – This has become one of my favorite things to do when on a solo road trip because I feel as if I am learning something while on the road trip. You can learn a new
    language, listen to a TEDTalk or have worship depending on your preference. Currently I have been obsessed with Office Hours with College Fashionista podcasts. 
  2. Music – With the radio stations changing in between driving and the fact that my car does not have satellite radio. I will usually listen to Pandora, Spotify or music on my phone. At night, I cannot listen to slow songs because it causes me to want to sleep when I need to stay up driving so I listen to upbeat music. During the day, I can listen to any type of music to keep me moving.
  3. Sitting in Silence – My car is definitely my sanctuary. Being able to be alone in your car for a few hours may be the perfect time to clear your head from all the
    craziness going on in your life.

No matter remember to stay safe while traveling. What ways do you like to travel solo? Do you have a favorite podcast or playlist?

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