5 Need To Know Travel Tips


1. Buy tickets in incognito.

Airline browsers can track your cookies. I prefer Google Chrome, but you can use any browser. You can use a regular browser and clear your cookies. But I think incognito is easier because you can just switch back to a regular browser.

My favorite airline is jetBlue and Southwest. jetBlue has a good variety of snacks, but Southwest gives you two free checked bags and is pretty good about changing flights

2. Fly Out/Fly In

It is a weekend trip fly out Thursday or Friday, come back Monday or Tuesday, if you can. Tuesday is generally the best day for any travel whether it’s in or out.

3. Pack Light.

I like to go over what I will be doing and extensively plan out my trip as much as I can to plan out looks. I tend to stick to one-piece items such as dresses, or jumpsuits and pair it with a leather jacket or jean jacket to spice it up.

4. Travel from airport Uber, Lyft, or Super Shuttle.

The Super Shuttle books you a flight two hours before your flight, so be mindful for early morning flights.

Note: Here is my Uber code, if it is your first time, to get $5 off a ride kjoj0. 

Hopper: Great app to plan ahead and track flight prices for best rates. If you want to get an early start for Spring Break for example, you can put in a place you want to visit and where you’ll be traveling from. The app will send you notifications on when to book based of prices going down. As we all know once prices go up, they tend to keep going up.


I haven’t stayed in hotels since starting to travel online. Staying in a hotel its like staying in your house, you’re almost never there or at least I’m not. If you’re like me you want to see the area you’re visiting and venture out.

5. Check Ratings and Comments.

I like to check ratings first then comments. Sometimes people can just be mean and give a poor rating for irrational reasons in my opinion, which is why I go back over and check comments. For example, I remember one places I was considering staying at, but several people said the tub/shower was super dirty. Immediately I marked that off as a choice.

I hope these tips help, please let me know any tips I might not have mentioned below.


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