Three Year Blogaversary

OMG I cannot believe it’s been three years that I have been blogging on this platform.

I remember going back and forth with wanting to start a blog, thinking on the name, what I would talk about and remembering the journey to get to where I am today amazes me.

Starting off I was not consistent because it felt like I was talking to myself, I let not having a professional photographer stop me and so many other factors that didn’t matter.

Looking back I want to tell younger RaSheba to just do it, know that you have to start somewhere to get to that next level. Yes, things aren’t going to loom the way I want right away, but baby steps to the bigger picture.

You all are probably tired of hearing this but the two things that have worked and continue to make my channel grow to this day is discipline and consistency.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely process but you have to start somewhere to get to your next level.

Don’t force a team or people to work with you, let it come naturally. You HAVE to let your work speak for itself. Just in the three months that I’ve been consistently building this blog, my blog has grown but I’ve also grown as a person.

I’m discovering myself more and sharing some of the journey of adulting with you all. It’s a beautiful transition that I am enjoying.

Yes I put myself down by saying I could’ve already been here,m. I’m reminding myself to not discredit the experiences I have. Would I be where I am had I not had these experiences. Honestly, I’m thankful that I didn’t get to that point on some days because I don’t think I would know myself then the way I did now. I’m more confident in myself and who I am. I’ll never know but I’ll take this moment where I am and enjoy it for what it is as I transition into my next phase of blogging.

What’s been your favorite part about my blog so far? Have I Inspire you in anyway if so how?

Inspire On, 



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