Storytime: My Move To New York City

Hi guys,

I’m finally sharing the story of How I Moved To New York City.

It’s going on year three since my move to New York City and I am surprised I never shared my in-depth move.

Some things I didn’t share or forgot to share in the video, is I didn’t see my apartment beforehand. At least I didn’t see it in person. I know that’s crazy, but that’s what happens sometimes when moving to New York City. 

I only saw one roommate via FT and only texted my other roommate. I remember being at work and FTing her to do a quick to know her. While my other roommate just talked through text. 

I didn’t plan the move well. This was my first time moving across country by myself and I did not plan well. I should’ve definitely got rid of more stuff before, but it all happened so fast. It really taught me the lesson to prepare for what you ask for. 

I moved by faith. This one is the key to it all. I did not know how it would all workout but it did. I just put one foot in front of the other and everything fell into place. I definitely learned a lot from this move even about myself. 

Have you ever moved across country? What was the process like for you?


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