Social Media Detox

Sometimes you just need a break to unplug.

Over winter break, I took a break from social media for a week to clean up my accounts. , I was beginning to feel like social media was taking over my life. Waking up I checked all of my accounts to see what I missed then would close them out and check again. Before I started or finished anything, I would check my accounts.

I noticed how much it was taking over my life from school, work and personal life and decided to take a break. For my current detox, I did not give myself a time frame, but merely to focus and get stuff done. I felt like I would lounge around on social media and was losing focus on completing important goals.

The hardest part with any detox is the first few moments of not being able to do something you do every day.

Since not using social media, I was able to donate over 100 items of clothing and items in my apartment, focus on my blog and other personal projects, organize my house and just think. I feel that a lot of society’s opinion is developed from social media. Not using social media, I was just able to think a lot clearly. I know what you may be thinking, why not just turn off your phone or not go on my social media accounts. That was an option, but out of sight, out of mind seemed to work better for me.

Getting back onto social media while simultaneously accomplishing my goals is hard because I want to catch up on what I missed. However, with my career path I have to be on social media and connected aside from using it for personal use.

I wrote an article about how social media has changed the interaction we have with one another on the National Millennial Community blog, you can read it here.

If you are interested in doing a social media detox, here is an example of a social media detox plan you can do here.



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