Setting Specific Intentions to Manifest Your Vision

It is becoming more prevalent in my life how important it is to set specific intentions in order to manifest the vision you desire. Today, I am sharing with you a few tips on setting specific intentions to manifest your vision of life.

1. Set Specific Intentions

I remember, when I was trying to decide on what I wanted my first car to be. I wrote that I wanted a car with less that 100,000 miles on it, something that is around a 2010 and with low payments or nothing over $5,000.

My sister and I had begged our mom to give us our brothers old car, but she always said no. One day she finally said that I could have it. The car was a 2008 with 50,000 miles on it and was paid off. I thought that was pretty close to my intention. However, it had set in front of our house for about 5 years not being in use and on the back-end there was a lot of repairs needed. In addition, it was a truck and not the SUV I desired.

I was bummed out but happy to have a car. I realized with Titan, the name of the truck, that moving forward, I needed to be more specific in my intentions.

Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to have the car, but learned a valuable lesson in why I had to be specific on my intentions. As time goes on I learned it was also okay to update my intentions as I understood better what I specifically wanted.

As you define the vision, write out your intentions. For example, don’t just write down you want to lose weight. If you know your goal weight, write down that goal weight and how many pounds you have left to get there. Make a plan of how you will get there.

2. Purge Your Life

Begin removing anything that does not fit with the lifestyle you see fit for yourself.

From the people around your, things that you have in your house, what you listen to on a daily. Instead of coming home and running straight to the couch to watch TV, switch up your routine and begin playing an audio book or podcast. Write down how the next day will go, plan on your future and begin manifesting your intentions into reality.

As you remove the negative bad or overdue things, begin to take note on how much clearer your life is becoming.

3. Speak Your Intentions Into Reality

Become the reality of your intentions.

After you set them begin to be that person that you see. If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, begin to introduce yourself as an entrepreneur. If you see yourself as a financial analyst, say that you already are it.

I am learning through podcasts and YouTube audio books to really embody the person you see yourself. Recently, I met a woman who does this well, she says she already has the money it is processing to her account. At first, I thought was delusional behavior, but I am quickly learning to have the mindset of what you desire, you need to be a little delusional.

What steps do you take in making specific intentions for your future?

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