September 2017 Goals

I cannot believe it is already September; the year has just flown by. I have had a heck of a last few months with all of the life changes that has happened. My goals have shifted and changed in so many ways.

Lifestyle – Currently, I am launching my NMC blog back and I am so excited. I have a few other projects, that I am starting, but I cannot share right now. I am in my new apartment! This is a major difference from any of my last apartments, but I think it was needed for me to be able to clear out my life and downsize on everything. My apartment is clutter free and I have way less junk.

Health – If you check out My New Health Regimen, I have started working out and plan to keep it up. Unfortunately, my workout plans have not gone as I would have liked, but I have started back running. My apartment area has a nice sidewalk to walk and enjoy the area, it can get a bit smelly, but I push through it. Is it just me or you haven’t worked out unless you’re drenched in sweat?

For my diet, I am increasing my water intake and can already see a difference. In the mornings, I am trying to drink green tea with lemon and at night peppermint tea.

Financial – My goal to pay off my last credit card, because I had an emergency big purchase to make. See how life goes, you just never know what can happen. I am grateful because I was paying off the card that I was able to use it to make the purchase and not have to ask for help. However, I am back to square one with paying off the card.


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