Go Green: No More Pads or Tampons, I Switched to the Cup

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One night in college, I did an unexpected late nighter at the library. My menstrual cycle came on and I didn’t have any pads or tampons. I went up to the librarian to ask for a pad or tampon and she explained to me that there was none and she only used the cup. I had thoughts of disgust going through my brain but kept a content face.

Two years later, I was in Walmart with my mom and saw the cup. I had been doing my research and decided I would finally purchase it.

When we don’t know what we don’t know we become uncomfortable of the unknown. As I began to educate myself on the cup it’s benefits and trying to live a more greener lifestyle, I felt more open to giving it a try.

My First Experience

If you ever put on a tampon the process of putting on a tampon the first time, using the cup the first time is a similar experience. Except I feel the cup forces you to learn your body more, learning to properly insert it to limit leakage and  keep comfort.

Transitioning to the cup I felt it was meant for me to transition to the cup because a day after purchasing it I got my period. I inserted it over the toilet and flashback to the younger me trying to insert a tampon the first time. Since, my mom or sister never used a tampon, I was stuck teaching myself how to use it and hoped that it didn’t get stuck. I struggled a bit to get it in since you have to fold the cup to insert it. After inserting the cup, I had to change it around because I wasn’t comfortable. 

The cup allows for longer wear but it depends on your flow for how long you should wear it.

Benefits of Using The Cup

TSS/Body Temperature

When I used tampons, I would notice my body temperature changing a lot. I would be steaming hot when it was clearly cold outside. Or I would feel fever symptoms and as soon as I took the tampon out or changed my pad I Would slowly return to normal. I thought it was the effects of TSS so I wouldn’t wear tampons to bed, since I wouldn’t be able to monitor my  body temperature and changes. 


Toxins found in pads and tampons can be:

There are many toxins in pads and tampons, I encourage you to do your research as I did. If you still are freaked out by the the cup , there is organic pads or tampons. However, I think using the cup is similar to using a tampon for the first time. As I stated earlier, in my first experience with the cup you have to learn your body.

Saves Money

Since switching to the cup, I haven’t had to buy any pads or Ramon’s, which has saved me a lot of money. In between uses you need to sanitize your cup.

This would be a great solution for women in countries who don’t have the resources to purchase feminine hygiene products.

How The Cup Has Changed My Menstrual Cycle


I only had bad cramps in high school but I also didn’t have the best eating habits in high school nor did I workout besides walking around in my neighborhood. I often skipped breakfast, sometime shad lunch and ate dinner.

Now my habits have changes a lot and I don’t experience cramps,The only bad part in my opinion to not having cramps is not having a warning that my period is coming on.


My flow is much lighter and doesn’t last as long. I’m down to about three days. The first day is always my heaviest, on the second day I can fluctuate between a heavy to mid-level day. By the third, and going on the last day I am at my lightest. While I think this is related to my usage of the cup, I also think its a change in my diet. 

Cravings/Mood Swings

Since I get little to no cramps, cravings are one of my only warnings that my period is coming. Using an app like Clue helps to closely monitor and almost accurately predict when my menstrual cycle is starting.

I still get mood swings closer to my cycle, but I’m also a cancer, I think it just comes with the territory. 

Do you currently use the cup? Have you considered switching to the cup?

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