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I went to New York City in January and the group that I went with thought we should go to a dine-in dinner instead of a in and out restaurant, we chose Italian !

This Italian restaurant is an amazingly delicious Italian Restaurant. I think it is perfect with the food and ambiance.

We entered the restaurant and knew right away we made a great choice. We were seated immediately, served water and given menus.  Everyone was pleased with the service immediately.

Being that New York City was 18 degrees I decided to start off with soup to warm myself.

Tortellini In Brodo – Dumplings In Soup

For my main course I ordered, Rigatoni Amareiciana which is described on their site as italian bacon, onion, tomato and pecorino cheese. It was so delicious and perfect for the weather. I could taste how fresh the pasta, sauces and meat were. Of course I got it topped with cheese, how can you not get pasta topped with cheese.

Rigatoni Amareiciana

One of the girls I went to dinner with ordered this dish, Fettuccine Della Mamma, which is prosciutto, peas, mushrooms & cream. From what I recall it was delicious.

Fettuccine Della Mamma

Let’s just say this is the perfect date night or girl’s night if you want to have a nice night out while in the city. I would definitely go back to this place.


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