28 Day Raw Vegan Challenge Experience & Results

A blogger I follow, Ronicha from the Hero is Within, posted that she did a 28-day Raw Vegan Challenge.

I read her blog and was fascinated. She ate fresh fruits and veggies for 28 days. Not even cooked veggies. I thought that takes discipline to complete something like that. She then shared that she wanted to create a 15-day challenge for others to join in along with her.

I was tired of saying I would be more conscious about my health but staying complacent in the knowledge that I knew. My goal was to learn more and be aware, even if I choose to go back to previous behavior at least I know the effects.

At the end of December, I decided to commit to going to the gym again and decided to try out her 15 day challenge but extended it to 28 days.


Before the challenge began she created a Facebook group for us and shared a guide on what a day of meals could look like, providing recipes and what to buy.

She also provided things we should avoid and why. Even if you decide not to do the challenge it is good to learn about misleading food labels and toxic ingredients, that’s is in food that you should avoid.

I hadn’t even realized that some of the supplements I was taking were toxic. So I began to use up items in my pantry. Using up the last bit of products I had and transitioning into better options.

Grocery Haul

It worked out, perfectly because I typically go grocery shopping every week or as I can depending on my schedule.

I wrote out my meal plans for the first week, I realized with this diet I would HAVE to go grocery shopping every week, if I wanted fresh fruits and veggies.

Here is a grocery haul I did while on the cleanse: 28 Day Raw Vegan Challenge | New York City Grocery Haul Under $20


I realized that in order to do anything from changing your habits to incorporating something new into your life it takes discipline. When you’re out with friends and they are ordering heavy calorie foods or a lot of alcoholic drinks. There is nothing wrong with that but you have to keep the discipline to say no.

For me it was making sure I kept snacks on me. I tried to keep several options on hand depending on my taste buds. If I knew where we were going, looking at the menu ahead of time and looking up options for myself helped a lot.

It takes a lot of research, discipline and consistency.

Raw Vegan Challenge Results

My goal going into the challenge was to be mindful of the things I was putting into my body. Toxic ingredients that were in foods that I thought were healthy but really wasn’t.

Also, I wanted to shed body fat. My overall fitness goal is to be at 130lbs. Entering the challenge I was 151, ending the challenge I was able to get to 146.

I was going strong the first week but discovered Larabars and ended up gaining weight and changing my fitness regimen. In the end I changed my regimen around again and cut back on my intake of Larabars.

I feel that I could’ve lost more body fat but because of me learning more about my fitness and health it’s a lot of trial and error.

Aside from weight my energy levels changed drastically. Just with me deciding to get back into exercising my breathing levels had already adjusted but now I had even better results. I didn’t have horrible breathing but walking up a lot of stairs I sometimes would get winded, now that’s not a problem.

The challenge taught me to really read the ingredients on labels. Labels that say natural aren’t always completely natural. I thought ‘artificial flavors’ was something I had to stay away from but learning that ‘natural flavors’ was another one surprised me. I highly suggest checking out Ronicha’s blog here, to learn more, do your research and incorporate it in your life how you wish.

Would you consider doing the 28-day Raw Vegan Challenge? Why or why not?

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  1. Ronicha says:

    I’m so proud of you for extending it for 28 days it definitely takes a lot of will power and discipline. That’s great you noticed a change in your breathing.

    Keep inspiring 💕💕

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