Mind Reset

The past few months have been a needed mind reset.

In September, I moved to New York City to live out my dreams of being in the city. I am happy to say that so far it has had its ups and downs. It wasn’t what I expected but better.

I was challenged with the mission to change my life and felt that I needed to switch up how I go about this. I decided to purge my life this month.

Purge, I know can be a such a strong word, but I felt detox or clean didn’t fit what I’ve done. According to dictionary.com, means to get rid of something or someone suddenly. 

In the past few months, I’ve felt the need to get rid of everything in my life and transition to new. My phone was forced reset and cleared my contacts messages, pictures, basically everything. I’ve cleared my room for the trip to get my last few items from Florida and reset my focus.

I’ve always wanted to have a defined style and while I’ve done okay in the past, I really want to look more put together. Especially as an entrepreneur, I want my look to speak for itself before you talk to me. I’ve cleared out my closet to be ready for new clothes bag will be added during this transformation.

My phone memory was already getting packed but I was forced to clear it helped to remove negative energy and things of the past. I completed a social media facelift, deleting accounts that didn’t fit with my focus and really having everywhere I may look for motivation for me to continue my work as an entrepreneur.

The final purge was my mindset. Changing up my morning routine with what I heard and how I started my day. I already implemented affirmations but decided to try other tactics of affirmation implementation. My friend suggested I watch this video, which I aim to do most mornings or at some point during my night routine. It has helped to focus more on living in the now and embracing the person that I desire to be because I already am her.

Are you interested in a purge to help reset your life? I am considering creating guide to help others purge their life and attract more positive into it.

Inspire On,


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