Post-Workout Protein with GOL Bar & High Sierra DayPack

My health has become a focal point of my focus over the past few months. Learning that I can’t control everything, but one thing I do have control over is the way I look and feel. One focus of my health journey was to find a protein powder that was tolerable for me. On my way from the gym I ran into my friend, who had just finished hot yoga with a friend of hers. Her friend happened to be vegan and suggested I try the Garden of Life.

I went on  hunt to find the best Garden of Life protein powder for me. I tried the Garden of Life Fit, Meal and Whey. I decided on the Garden of Life Meal as a replacement for dinner. I generally workout at night and don’t like to eat dinner. It was the perfect replacement and leaves me satisfied, while repairing my muscles from the workout.

Working with Influence Her Collective I learned about more Garden of Life products such as their protein bars.

The GOL Bar is made with simple proteins and 12 g of milk from grass-fed cows. The product comes in 4 different flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Coconut. I only have tried the Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple Sea Salt.

Aside from the protein bar, I received the High Sierra backpack. I was surprised to receive it in a floral print, as I noticed post people receive it in a neutral color. I love the flora print as it will stand out in a crowd especially for my outdoor adventures.

The bag is roomy and has numerous compartments to store things. I made sure my protein bar was accessible incase I got hunger cravings. It turned into my go-to bag for when I worked out after work.

Have you ever tried Garden of Life products? What was your favorite?

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2 responses to “Post-Workout Protein with GOL Bar & High Sierra DayPack”

  1. Farrah says:

    I haven’t tried out the Garden of Life bars yet but they sound good! I love the colors on that High Sierra bag too! :] I lug around a High Sierra backpack with me to work every day! 😛

    • rashebajones says:

      The Garden of Life bars are similar to the RX bar in texture. Let me know your thoughts after you try them.