Post 28 Day Raw Vegan Challenge

Now that I’ve completed the Raw Vegan Challenge it feels good to get back to some of my favorite meal items. If you missed my Raw Vegan Challenge, below will be links to all my content from my Raw Vegan Challenge.

My goal is to keep up with reading my labels and being mindful of what things I need to avoid. In addition, to staying updated as new items that should be avoided are brought up.

I didn’t plan on adding red meat back into my diet but I had an event the weekend after. I brought my own food and there was nowhere for me to warm it up or store it so I ended up having to eat the food at the event. After three days of endless pizza, dumplings, pasta, waffles, cookies, brownies, baklava and everything else under the sun. I left the event with puffy eyes. My body couldn’t digest the food properly which sucks and I know I overdid it.

Post that I stuck to oatmeal for breakfast, salad and other light meals such as quinoa or farro with chicken and veggies. I’m consuming certain cooked foods in moderation. Dairy in mass consumption is not sitting well in my stomach.

Eating certain foods again don’t even taste the same surprisingly and getting myself full isn’t the same as before or on the raw challenge.

My body is definitely different than before but I didn’t expect it to transform like this. I will keep you all updated on more changes within my body post the challenge.,


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