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Traveling Solo

Heading on a Solo Road trip? I actually love to travel by myself, it gives me a chance to clear my head and have peace for a few hours. It takes twenty minutes max to get anywhere in my small college town, to be able to drive a few hours to clear my head I crave for. However, sometimes I do not always need to…

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My Three Secrets for Hair Growth

  This year I decided to focus a lot more on my health and growth. When I was younger my mom started me on Teen One a Day vitamins and I continued it into adulthood by taking Women’s One A Day. Then I set down and asked myself exactly what changes were being made to my body based off what is important to me. I…

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How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Back in December I decided to tackle my wardrobe. At the end of summer, I moved into a new apartment and never really got the chance to settle in the way I wanted to. I looked over at an area of my room with a pile of clothes that I never even touched or looked at. Looking through the pile of clothes I realized it…

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My Hair Journey

While I am out, I tend to get compliments and questions about my hair, even from friends and family. I love hearing compliments and decided to share my hair journey. I have never permed my hair. My mom made it my choice whether or not I wanted to perm my hair.  In elementary, I was constantly pressured by classmates to perm my hair because I…

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Welcome to Fashionista on the Run

Sometimes an about me page just is not enough space to go into full details about yourself, so let me introduce myself. Since, I was younger I always had a creative style that my family and friends describe as eccentric. As I progress more into adulting my style continues to mature. Growing older, I am noticing my health and fitness beyond eating healthy and working…

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