NYC Will Turn You Into A Minimalist

I know people say the rooms in New York City are small but woah, this is small.

On my first trip to New York, in a way, I was happy I only brought what I did because my apartment is the smallest room I have ever lived in.

Before moving I dabbled with the idea of becoming a minimalist but didn’t take the steps to do so. Now I feel New York City is calling me to become one, which I’m not mad about.

As apart of my purging session, which I will talk about in a later blog post. It has been a much needed thing. For me, living in Florida and having a mom who kept everything, it causes me to keep things for every unexpected moment. In a way I had the traits of an acceptable hoarder. I say acceptable because in society majority of Americans keep the typical things that I have kept in the past.

Transitioning to a minimalist has helped me to know what I have and don’t have and not to double buy items. Or just have a section of things I never used but keep because I never know when I might want to use it.

Yes the apartments can be super tiny in New York City but it has its benefits to give a clear mind, space and encourage you to actually enjoy the city more.

Have you considered becoming a minimalist, what is holding you back? Are you already a minimalist? Comment tips, if you have any for becoming and being a minimalist.

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2 responses to “NYC Will Turn You Into A Minimalist”

  1. Jillaine says:

    Ever since returning from my Europe trip, I’ve been trying to be more minimalist as well. It’s definitely a hard lifestyle to maintain!

    • rashebajones says:

      It is a big challenge, for me it has helped bring forth what is actually important. Keep at it we got this.