New York City Winter Skincare Routine

I thought winter in Florida was a struggle, but I was wrong New York City has been a struggle.

Naturally, I have dry skin, so lotions and body butters have always been my friend. Beyond my facial skin routine, I want to also talk about my body skin routine. Most influencers only talk about facial skincare but rarely mention bodycare. My skin is pretty dry and experiencing New York City winter my skin has been drier.

However, the winter in New York City causes for my skin to be way drier then normal. Which means an updated skin care routine was needed.

I tested out different body butters to find the right combination.

Disclaimer: This may work me, I encourage you to find the right combination of products that works for your skin.

Facial Skincare Routine

For my face, I like to clean my face with a witch hazel as a toner. I use a cotton pad to apply a bit of product on and clean my face.

After this, I use a moisturizer to add back in moisture to my face.

This is the point where I decide if I’m doing my makeup, even if it’s just my brows and if so I do it now. If not, I just spray my face with Mario Bodescio rosespray, I have become addicted.

Body Skincare Routine

Anytime, I get out of the shower, I always use natural shea butter, I personally like to buy the authentic brands etc.On my lips I like to apply petroleum jelly or a chapstick. This works if I decide to stay in all day, it keeps me moisturized while the heat is on.

Before I leave my house for the day I like to put on a body butter. My goal is to purchase from more smaller brands, so I tried @g.irl co body butter and fell in love. The product is homemade and smells declicious. The scent is a sweet and warm fragrance. I have gotten compliments on the glow of it.

Next on my list is to try these products from the company:

If I’m carrying a bag I like to keep a travel lotion, chapstick and petroleum jelly.

Weekly, I aim to use a scrub or mask on my skin to rid of dead skin and to help increase hydration. It all depends on what I feel my skin needs at the moment for what I use.

Do you have a winter skincare routine? Did you make a major move and have to change yours? Do you have a body care routine? Share below.


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