New York City Winter Natural Hair Care Routine

Moving to New York City was an adjustment for my skin and hair. I finally took out my braids and began taking care of my natural hair.

Deep Condition

I like buying deep conditioning packets at the hair store. In between protective styles or as needed I do either a deep condition for hot oil treatment.

With me having braids I’m so much I felt that a deep conditioning treatment was needed more.


It’s important to strangle your hair. Detangling your hair helps to promote healthy growth.

I aim to detangle my hair every night to keep it manageable. 

Daily Products

For daily use, I tend to use a leave in conditioner and/or complete the LOC method. 

If I know that I plan on having a busy week, the LOC method works better for my hair because the product lasts longer in my hair then leave in conditioner will. 

The Key to Locking In Moisture

The deep conditioning packets and stretching my hair helps alot with locking in moisture to my hair. A combination of everything I stated above really helps in different ways.

Inspire On,


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