New York City Part Two

The next day, I went and did a few business projects around town then spend the rest of my day in Manhattan and going to major touristy areas. I started off at the High Line, which gives you a great view of the west side of Manhattan. From there I went to Ground Zero, which is where the twin towers stood before 9/11 and the World Trade Center. Ground Zero is the perfect place to sit, think and be at peace. It sucks that Is a super touristy area, but I definitely enjoyed it. One thing I noticed is from one of the signs it says that they put a white flower on a person’s name when it is their birthday, which I think is a great remembrance effort.

From talking to people, I realized the Brooklyn Bridge was nearby and began my walk across the bridge. This is a moment, when I wish I did have someone else to take a super cool Brooklyn Bridge picture. If you have not gone and plan on it be prepared to see people on the bridge taking risky pictures. In addition, DO NOT walk on the left side as that is where bikers ride and I was called a name for being on that side to take a quick picture.


My last full day in New York City, I started off at a café around the corner from my Overnight. The food was amazing, I highly suggest eating there.  Then I went to the MET museum and got to finally feel like I was in Gossip Girl or other movies that featured the MET. From the MET I went back through Central Park to head to the Central Park Zoo.

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I met with my overnight host and she showed me her office, since she worked in the field I was interested in. After leaving her office, I headed towards the East Village to look at art. I found amazing artwork in the area and a pizza place my friend suggested. I went back to Little Italy to try out this matcha place from the night before and it was well worth it. I wasn’t able to see the Statue of Liberty, but I will make it a point for my next trip.

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If you haven’t before and are considering an independent trip, just do it. This has been one of my favorite vacations with the least drama and frustration. New York is now on my list of annual trips to take. My heart is in New York.


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