Navigating My Mental Health While In New York City

May took the biggest toll on my mental health.

I started working a full-time job, and my mental health skyrocketed. It felt like a dark cloud was over me everyday. I remember one day after work, getting home, taking a shower and going to bed.

I wasn’t necessarily tired, but mentally I was drained.

Working in the city, has brought forth a new form of mental/self care that I didn’t know how to navigate.

It’s alot more checking in with myself to assess what’s going on, Why am I feeling this way? During what situations do I start to have these feelings or emotions.

It has been a struggle to push through and be productive during moments when I want to curl up in bed and sleep or go to the gym to sweat my problems away.

In an effort to surround myself around others who are doing better than me or pushing to get more done has helped me alot. I attended a few conferences recently and left feeling inspired, realigning my goals and focusing on my end goal.

It feels good to be back in a headspace that keeps me inspired and pushing to reach my goals. It’s hard when I fall out of those moments.

Through this process I’m learning more about myself and what I am able to accomplish.

Times get hard but I’m learning to pull myself out even on my toughest days to keep going towards my end goal.

Remember ‘You’re Doing Great !’

Inspire On,


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