My Three Secrets for Hair Growth


This year I decided to focus a lot more on my health and growth. When I was younger my mom started me on Teen One a Day vitamins and I continued it into adulthood by taking Women’s One A Day. Then I set down and asked myself exactly what changes were being made to my body based off what is important to me. I did not feel that my hair or nails were growing the way I liked. Although I do work and got to school I still felt as if I was more sluggish then I should be.

I decided to do some research and made a list of changes to help me to see a change in these three areas: hair, nails, and energy levels.  Recently, I was between protective styles and got complimented by so many on how much my hair had grown. Which made me realize what had provoked this change.

Here are the three secrets that has helped me with my natural hair growth:

I am consideriing switching to a different brand of vitamins, but this the brand I currently use.

  1. Vitamins
    1. Vitamin E (stimualtes hair, and nail growth and helps with skin)
    2. Iron
    3. B-12 (increases energy)
    4. Fish Oil
  2. Diet
    1. At least one green veggie in every meal
    2. Aim to drink a gallon of water a day
    3. We are all busy, but aim for 8 hours of sleep.
  3. Protective Styles
    1. Not weave that :
      1. Causes for spritz
      2. Glue
    2. Trim in between
    3. Let your hair breathe

A protective style I did myself with purple to add some fun to the look.

When deciding which vitamins I would choose, I reviewed this site that I remember using as a child The article I reviewed is Vitamins and Minerals. Over summer 2015, I decided to try and go the pescatarian life, not eating red meats. My body felt a lot better and . In addition the previous summer I walked around with a gallon  of water. Since then I aim to drink a gallon of water a day.

While talking to my aunt, I complained to her about how tired I always was and she encouraged me to take B-12 Vitamins as well as eat more leafy green vegetables. One article I found, that reiterated what I aunt said, was Health Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables among others was a great read.

Of course like any person I care about my appearance and the way I look. For some reason I just found a new disinterest for bundles or weave. As we all know getting styles like box braids, plaits or twists can take many hours. Then doing some research I learned of Protective Styles that help to protect and promote hair growth while not causing me to put weave in my hair that would not require spritz, glue and other products that were actually pulling hair out. Sadora Paris, a Youtber, introduced me to the world of crochet braid hairstyles. The hairstyle is perfect for women who are constantly on the go and just need a quick hair do that can be simple but also put into styles.

What things do you do to help with your hair growth? Do you follow any of these practices already because they help your hair grow ?


As always style on.


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