My Hair Journey

While I am out, I tend to get compliments and questions about my hair, even from friends and family. I love hearing compliments and decided to share my hair journey.

I have never permed my hair. My mom made it my choice whether or not I wanted to perm my hair.  In elementary, I was constantly pressured by classmates to perm my hair because I had so much, but decided against it. During middle school, I began going to a diverse school and did not receive as much pressure about my hair. Entering a predominately black high school, it was peer pressure to have straight hair. I felt that my Penny Proud style needed to go away and it was time to try new things.

In 10th grade, I straightened my hair and learned so much about my hair. I thought with straight hair there was not as much maintenance as my natural hair, but I was wrong. There seemed to be more maintenance and frustration. My hair couldn’t get wet or it would revert to my natural state. I had to make sure it was wrapped at night and combed constantly to prevent detangling.

From poor hair care, my hair began to have a lot of breakage and became unhealthy. I stopped getting it straightened and started testing out weaves. I got my first weave and did not know anything about weave. In contrast, to other girls my mom never had any weave in her hair. Any style I would try out I had to learn some hair care tips on my own and my mom would provide any knowledge she had.

When I got to college, I arrived with weave, but decided to embrace my natural hair again. Freshman year was definitely an experiment time with my hair, I learned about different styles such as twist outs and braid outs. This is where I began watching Youtube videos and learning so much about natural hair. NaturallyCandi was an influence for me to embrace my natural hair giving me confiedence and motivation.

I have received and continue to receive so many compliments and motivation to continue embracing my hair. I love my natural hair and love pinning other natural girls hair on my Pintrest.



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