My First Yelp Event

I began yelping because when I go out to eat I love to try different restaurants and share different pictures of food I’ve eaten, new or old. I knew about Yelp, but didn’t jump at the chance to be apart of it until recently.

Yelp is a website and app that allow users to share restaurants they have gone to with ratings, reviews and pictures. It is perfect for someone who is visiting a new place and may not be sure what to eat. You can even ask users questions about the restaurants they have gone to. As a user you can also leave tips to the restaurant or other customers.

Being involved with Yelp, I began picking up my review activity and was notified about being a Yelp Elite. As a Yelp Elite, you get more access to try out more food, activities and have new adventures. My first event with Yelp was at Sanity Gurus for a yoga, Thai massage and Bento Night. Sanity Gurus is a yoga studio located in Gainesville, Florida.I went to the event with a friend of mine to destress from life and it brought just that.

Walking into the room it was filled with purple yoga mats, yoga blocks and towels on each one. The group had already began a breathing routine when we slipped in. We began doing yoga sequences and went into different poses such as warrior 1, warrior 2, tree pose and my favorite happy baby.

We transitioned into a thai massage, which was not the type of massage I expected. We were instructed to find a partner to have someone give a massage to the other person. Thai massage is not like a traditional massage you would expect. It involved a lot of pulsing and seemed to have more of a technique then a simple back massage. Towards the end the instructor asked us to watch her demonstrate the proper process and it looked relieving.

After completing the routines we got to eat! Bento catered the event with sushi, pad thai and stir fry.

Although I didn’t get to socialize with other yelpers as much, I thought the event was well put together. I see myself returning to the studio to take a yoga class or experience a real thai massage myself.

Do you practice yoga? What are your favorite poses? Comment below with a picture if you doing your favorite poses.


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