My First New York City Yelp Elite Event

Tequilla and Sangria Photo by: tooomuchfoood

Did someone say it was 5?

It was definitely 5 o’clock at La Puerta Roja, for my first Yelp NYC-Brooklyn event.

I arrived off the train and walked a few blocks to La Puerta Roja (The Red Door) were I was met with a red door, which gave away the place before even reading the sign.

I walked in and the  intimate Mexican restaurant was swarming with Yelp Elite squad members. My first conversation was with Peter,  Yelp Elite Community Manager.

Then, I quickly went to the bar and grabbed a margarita on the rocks, it was refreshing yet well mixed together. Diving into conversation with other Yelpers was so interesting to learn about everyone’s different paths and how they got involved in Yelp. I learned from some of the Yelpers that the now Mexican restaurant, La Perta Roja, was previously a ramen bar.

Now for the food, we were encouraged to take a seat as the tasting would begin.

Style On, Inspire On,



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