My First Blogversary

Its my blogaversary !

I cannot believe its been one year since I started officially blogging on this site.

I started blogging in 2015, but kept having doubt about whether or not I should publish more or found excuses on why I couldn’t make it happen. Last year I started my current job and just felt like I was wasting away so I began figuring out how to get my blog re-started. I don’t event remember exactly what I did, but I just started googling alot and Youtube everything. Wallah I had a site.

Slowly I started making edits, changes and developing the site how I would like. The site, isn’t exactly how I want it to be, but its growth.

The past year, I have focused less on having a set schedule and writing from the heart. It has worked and helped me to not feel forced to write content and be more transparent.

I have so much growth left to make happen and cannot wait to see where this blog goes. Thanks for being apart of the journey thus far.


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