Millennial In Debt: My Debt Payoff Plan

It’s no secret that millennials are in the most amount of debt in America.

We all have a story as to how we got into debt, but I am here to share my story and my plan to get out of debt.

For me, most of my debt is student loan and the remainder is credit cards. I made a mistake when changing the method of payment at my job and incurred IRS debt, which I plan to get rid of immediately.

Currently, my debt is 37,254.96

My plan is too aggressively payoff my debt before the end of 2020.

First, let me paint a picture of my current life. After taking a gap year post undergrad, I decided to follow my dreams and move to my dream city, New York City, that wasn’t exactly the best for my financial circumstances but it helped with my mental and happiness.

It also racked up the remainder of my credit card limit. In an attempt to get my credit cards and credit score back to where it was I decided that I needed to aggressively pay off my debt.

I sat down to create a plan as to how I would aggressively payoff debt.

My goals are to:

My goals can be seen as very ambitious by some, but they match where I want to be in life. 

How much are you in debt? If you don’t wish to share, do you have a plan to payoff your debt?



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