May 2020 Goals

Sometimes, it’s good to go back to old habits.

I missed sharing my goals on my blog to have as accountability for myself. Through this quarantine time, I have had so much time to refocus on where my life is headed.

Paying down my debt has been my main focus. If you remember in my last debt update, here. I am now at 31,100 in debt which is all from my student loans. I have created a plans to aggressively pay it down. Over the month of April, I was able to dedicate close to $4,000 to my debt and pay down both of my credit cards.

This feeling felt good to have the option if an emergency arises to utilize the money. However, I hope that doesn’t happen. My main focus is to continue paying down my debt. In addition, to creating a savings fund of up to 3 months of my expenses. Another goal I have is to begin investing. This I know will be a learning curve for me as I know nothing about investing.

I really want to become more minimalistic as possible. I have so many things in my room, that I want to get rid of everything that doesn’t serve me any use. I have so much clothes and just random items. I have started selling items on Poshmark, which you can check out here.

I have not been disciplined or as consistent with my brand as I would like or I know that I could be. I have created a plan for content, next I need to work on executing it and actually releasing it. I am learning to just do, don’t worry about the numbers and just be consistent. It is a tough road, but something that I have the motivation and ability to make vision to make happen.

What are your goals? How do you stay disciplined in meeting them?

Inspire On,


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