Letting The Unknown Hold Me Back + Networking Tips

Never let the fear of the unknown keep you from following into the unknown.

When I first moved to New York City, I was at every event I could fine, really trying to take in every opportunity of being in the city. A brand I follow and love, Create & Cultivate were having events in the city. I told myself I had to go to them all, tired or not, I was not going to just sit at home and do nothing.

At the event, I was networking, meeting amazing people, having great food and taking in being in New York City. It was going well. The conversation from the panelist was amazing and inspiring. It left me knowing that I was where I needed to be, I just had to put in the work. That night, I event won a laptop through manifestation which I talked about on my Instagram feed highlight Manifestation.

That night, I stayed late after everyone left and talked to the staff, a tip I picked up from networking in college.

I met a woman who worked for the venue and explained to her what I did. She offered me a freelance opportunity with the venue/company. I didn’t understand what the brand was  so I didn’t act on it right away. Three months later, I reached out to her and the opportunity was still there for me to work with the brand. I am happy I reached out because it has been the best experience I have had so far. This has been the first time, I’ve felt like I’m going in the direction of advancing my career.

Networking Tips

Now I want to share some networking tips even if I don’t follow them all the time, when I have they work.

Email a new contact the same-day

When you attend networking events such as conferences or through mutual friends, message the person the same night. Remind them how you met, something about a conversation you had and you hope to stay in contact.

Know how you would like to make a connection

Network. Network. Network. We hear this word so often. Getting networking down is great, but why are you networking with all of these people? To get your LinkedIn connections up? Have a purpose with building this network. Sit down to figure out your end goal and create a plan, but be comfortable with it changing as you discover new career paths. Know the difference between someone who just is a great connection for the night vs someone who is a good long-term connection. Sometimes you just won’t know in the moment but aim to build valuable relationships, quality over quantity.

Research, Request Further Connection

I didn’t know about the company I freelance with right away and didn’t pursue the company right away. I did research but I still didn’t understand. I should’ve asked for a coffee meeting with the woman I met or done different research but I didn’t. It took me four months to finally begin working with the company and be happy. When you get uncomfortable in your environment you will try everything.

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