January Goals + Why I Don’t Do Resolutions

Happy New Year !

To think that we are in 2018 is a bit surreal. With any change that I know is coming, when it actually happens it is hard to believe at first. Nevertheless I am happy for 2018 and the possibilities of what is to come this year. I have ideas and plans that I cannot contain myself, but I will. However, I will share a few of my goals for the year.

Back in 2015-2016 I focused on eating healthy and working out. Through so many life changes I have fallen off that trend and didn’t really begin to eat unhealthy, but I have eaten out alot. I don’t workout and have felt the effect of that.

I have a hard time falling asleep (my phone doesn’t help either.) I never have the same energy I did when I worked out. I get tired quicker. I never feel like eating and when I do its at weird hours and one really big meal.

To start me off on the right foot, I purchased some items to help me get back on track. If you follow me on Instragram, @fashionistaontherun_, it is my 2018 Goals highlights. I purchased a purple gallon water jug, meal prep containers and magic bullet to help inspire and motivate me to be healthier going into this New Year. I didn’t put it on Instagram, but I did treat myself to a new Nike workout outfit and a pair of Nike shoes.

Now that I am out of school, I feel that I have more time on my hand. I forgot some of the things I wanted to do while I was in school and slowly I am remembering them. One of them is to read more. When I was younger I would be obsessed with reading. Now I want to get back into that by reading one book a month. I am starting off my reading journey by reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. So far I think it was a perfect choice because it is challenging me to really look at myself and why I am the way I am.

School didn’t stop me from traveling, but not being in school allows me to be able to travel more and for extended periods of time. My first two trips for the year are already booked. Although it is places I have been there is purpose behind the trips. My goal is to not travel just to travel, but to do it with purpose.

Now, I bet you’ve been waiting to see why I don’t do resolutions. I think with a lot of trends, resolutions is one that needs to be left in 2017. It is well-known that the most popular resolution is to get into shape, which means the gyms are going to be packed the first week. However, it will be back to regular flow by the second week of January or the end of the month. Like this any time I plan a resolution I almost never stick to it, but when I set a goal I get a different outcome. With setting a goal I create a plan and break it down to execute throughout the year.

Aside from goals I like to set affirmations. Affirmations have become a big part of my year and help me start speaking positively to myself, killing any self doubt I may think of. My last goal Iset for myself is to kill self doubt.

I plan to go after everything the younger me ever wanted and make it happen. 2018 is going to be my breakthrough year.


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