How To Set Specific Goals & Achieve Them

A few weeks back a friend and I hosted a Virtual Vision Board and went over how to achieve the goals on your vision board.

Here are 5 steps to set specific goals and actually achieve them:

1.Be Specific

This is the most important step ins setting a goal. Don’t just say what is you want. Describe to a T exactly what you want, how it makes you feel.

For example, let’s say you want a new job. What is the job? What are you doing at the job? How do you feel waking up knowing that you have to go to work? What ate your coworkers like? Your boss?

By just saying you want a new job, the universe will give you that, you may or may not like it and wonder. Why is it that my coworkers are so negative or why does this job leave me feeling exhausted. When you leave out the specifics the universe will only answer the ask.

2. Be Realistic

Set a goal that scares you but don’t overwhelm yourself by setting a goal that you know is not attainable. Be realistic with yourself, sometimes you do need to push yourself in your goals but don’t exhaust yourself trying to achieve it.

3. Make An Action Plan

A goal without a plan is just a goal. By creating a plan and breaking down the goal down into smaller steps, it helps you to not feel overwhelmed. It gives you direction on what needs to be done and if their are mini deadlines within the goal.

4. Give It A Deadline

Create a deadline. It’s okay if you don’t make the deadline however, setting a deadline can put fire under you. It keeps you pushing forward. You don’t want to let yourself down.

5. Remember Your Why 

Focus on the why not the what of your goal. It can be easy to get distracted when you get more followers or more money or more things. While those are all great, remember your why. In times of low inspiration or productivity levels you can use your why to keep you pushing forward.

What are some goals you have for yourself? Do you have a plan to accomplish them?

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