How to Remotely Apartment Hunt in New York City

I was in Florida while trying to find an apartment in New York City. I got antsy so many times, thinking I would just take a flight one day up to New York City to look. My final result was I decided against that, but just kept the faith that I would find a place, which I did.

Know Your Non-Negotiable

You have to know what you want and what you need.

Join Facebook Groups

Even if you don’t get an apartment through a Facebook group l, it gives you a rough estimate of how much an apartment will cost in different areas.

Some of the Facebook groups I use;

Check Housing Sites

Be Consistent In Searching

I gave myself breaks, but I tried to spend my morning searching online for apartments before other people woke up for the day. Apartments in New York City go first so you have to know what you want.

Viewing The Apartment

If you aren’t able to make it to the city to see the apartment like me then ask for a video tour via Skype, FaceTime or any video chatting platform. Everyone that I asked to FaceTime with me was more than happy to accommodate me via FaceTime.

If you still want a second opinion and know people in the city have them go check out the apartment for you if they can. Maybe you treat them to dinner or buy them a gift card to somewhere they like as a thank you.

Trust Your Gut

In New York City apartments go fast, I would comment on an apartment by the time the person commented back it would be gone. So don’t just take any apartment but trust your gut if you think you’ve found the right one.

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