How To Gain Confidence & Be Authentic As A Content Creator

The content creator industry is ever growing and new creators enter the industry however, many don’t stick to it. I was one of them, but not anymore.

Being a content creator causes for you to be vulnerable, you work hard to get something just right and can never be sure of how people will react.

With the rise of social media comes lots of bots, where people hide behind fake accounts and say negative comments. A person can only take so much of it before being discouraged. Don’t get me wrong feedback is good to learn how to grow but there’s a difference between feedback and negativity.

Aside from commentary it’s knowing what’s your niche is and how you want to construct it. The beauty of being a content creator is that you decide what you want your niche to be. It can be challenging if you want to stray away from that niche as your supporters may not react the way you want them too.

Get Alone

With any big decision I’ve made, I’ve had to sit alone and see if this is what I really want or was there someone making me want or do it. If after the time alone, I confirm this is what I want then I go for it. I highly suggest if you want to be a content creator to get alone and find the answer for yourself.

Stop Looking At Everyone Else

It can be tempting to look at what your favorite content creator is doing and think this is the blueprint I want my content to look like there’s. “Done is better than perfect,” as my publicist in my head, Sakita Holley would say. We all forget that that no matter what industry it is we all started off somewhere. Most people tend not to pay attention until you start to grow an audience.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

What I’ve learned from my attempts in the past is to not overwhelm myself. It’s as simple as saying I’m going to show up at least 3 times a week on Instagram. If that’s all you can do but desire to show up more than make that an end goal. For now work with you can do. If 3 days is what you can do. Give yourself grace and move on.

Get Disciplined

To me the hardest part about being a content creator is discipline. From my early stages as a content creator to now it was having the discipline to keep at it. I had plenty of time at my disposable but enjoyed my past time of being lazy. While sometimes my life did get a little crazy and mentally I wasn’t able to create I always came back to it.

Just start, and everything will fall into place. Let me know if these tips help or if you have other tips to share.

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