How to Clean Out Your Closet

I love a good closet clean out, it brings the opportunity for money from clothing sales or an added tax write-off. In addition, to newness in your wardrobe.

Often times I hear people say they cleaned out their closet but never effectively do so.

Here are some tips to effectively clean out your closet.

Feelings Towards Your Clothes

Consciously spend a week trying on items in your closet.

Take note throughout the day of the way the clothes make you feel. Do you feel confident? Do you not feel confident because the clothes or too tight? Too lose? You constantly have to shift the clothing, it rides up in all the wrong places?

Make a pile of these clothes and wash them one last time before donating or selling them.

Seasonal Items

Don’t get rid of the winter jacket or cute swim top. Look at each seasonal item, unless it was purchased recently, consider have you worn it in the last two seasons. Try it on and revert back to the previous tip. Don’t force yourself to wear an item, if you’re not drawn to it, you don’t have to wear it.

Does It Fit Your Style?

There are clothing items that I love but it doesn’t exactly fit my style. Maybe it was me in a past style but doesn’t fit my now style. Think about the items and how it fits your image? If it doesn’t and was so you two seasons ago then donate or sell it.

No need to be you two seasons ago when you can be fashion forward.

Are you ready for a closet clean out? What tips do you have to effectively clean out your closet?

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