How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Back in December I decided to tackle my wardrobe.

At the end of summer, I moved into a new apartment and never really got the chance to settle in the way I wanted to. I looked over at an area of my room with a pile of clothes that I never even touched or looked at. Looking through the pile of clothes I realized it was definitely time for a wardrobe refresh. I wanted to share some tips that I used when cleaning out my closet.

  1. Tips to know what to throw away and what to keep:Are you not wearing it because it’s not in season?

Keep the item until the next season. If you are not wearing those cute shorts you brought at the end of the summer because it is the middle of winter then wait. The opportunity will come to wear it.

  1. Has it gotten to short?

Throw it away. That moment when you go to wear your favorite shirt but now it fits like a crop top when it shouldn’t – throw it away! We want to be classy not trashy.

  1. Have you had a style upgrade?

Depends on the item. Often I will look through my closet and realized I purchased an item and it doesn’t fit my style anymore. As we grow and look through old pictures you will realize how much your style changes. Of course keep a few items if they have sentimental value, but donate the rest to a younger family member.

Now that your wardrobe is cleared and you have decided what to keep it’s time to donate. I have provided a few suggestions on places you can donate to and besides feeling good afterwards you can receive a bit of gratification for doing so.

Places to Donate Clothes:


What ways do you decide what stays and goes in your wardrobe ? How do you give away the clothes that don’t make the cut ?




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