My Plan For #NoSpendSeptember

If you’re from Instagram, hey #MakeMoneyMonday fam.

If you aren’t familiar with #MakeMoneyMonday, its something I started on IG story to  get myself and my friends hyped for work on Monday. I was working a job that I wasn’t fond of and coming back from bomb weekends to go work 40+hours. To get myself hyped I started listening to trap money focused music on Mondays.

A few years back I began to shift my focus on trying to do other things with my money such as intentionally saving. I’ve been that person where I save money then decide every thing is an emergency and spend it. I saw a past classmate share that she was doing no spending for one month and decided to follow suit.

To get myself into saving I decided to do #NoSpendSeptember. For me, I try not to spend money outside of bills. For example, no ordering takeout, but cooking my meals instead. Not going out for drinks with friends, but drinking at home with friends. No shopping, but revamping my clothes to have other looks. Basically I tried to find a solution to everything I wasn’t allowing myself to do. This helped for it to not feel as if I wasn’t restricting myself.

With COVID, I have been spending more than my normal and I want to reorganize my budget. I opened a new bank account, which I plan to share in a future post to help with planning for paying my bills, saving money and having a life to treat myself.

Here are the three things I plan to focus on for #NoSpendSeptember this year.

Now that I’ve shared my plan, please know that you need to sit with your finances and see what works for you. Maybe you’re not able to not spend money for a whole month in September, try doing only a week. Even doing it for a day can be a great start.

Share your plans with me below.

Inspire On,


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