How I Manifested Moving to New York City

Setting specific intentions to manifest the vision I had for myself was the best investment I did for myself.

The moment I knew I wanted to move to New York City and decided to set my vision on it, I changed my background screen to a photo from the last time I was in New York City.

I wanted to unconsciously and consciously be reminded of my dreams and put my focus on getting there.

Slowly, I planted the seed in family and friends mind. “What if I moved to New York City,” to get their reactions. Some people were not as happy, but there was support from a few.

I began looking into places I could live and the different boroughs, I was interested in. I set a timeframe for when I wanted to be there and began to work on my vision.

I began to shift my mindset into what life would be like waking up in New York City.

Once I decided this is what I wanted, shifted my focus and began moving towards my goal in under a month I was able to move to New York City and have been living my dreams that I always wanted.

Check out my move to New York City video here:

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