Go Green: Trends In The Beauty Industry

Recently, I learned more about Going Green in the Beauty environment and how it goes past protecting the environment , natural vs organic and monitoring what products are being utilizied within products. From food, to beauty products and products you utilize on your skin.

For the month of April I did a few posts related to going green which you can find here and here to get us focused on Earth Day coming today. Happy Earth Day !

Trends in the beauty industry:


This is when products contain ingredients from nature, it can still contain some bad and may not be organic. Even though a brand may advertise as natural you still need to check the ingredients to see what other products they are putting inside.


Products are not tested on animals. In my opinion, this has always been a popular trend for brands to focus on. Now more brands are picking up on the vegan trend.


Products contain no animal product or by product. This is the latest trend with veganism picking up. More people are being aware of what is inside of more than just there food.


Products do not contain pesticide, artificial fertilizer or synthetic ingredients.


Eco-Friendly packaging or environmentaly sustainable business practices.

Haircare is catching up to most of these trends but Skincare brands has always focused on meeting most of not some of these parameters.

It makes me happy that people care about what they’re putting on and in their person.

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