Go Green: Hygiene Transition

A few years ago, I began to educate myself on the toxins contained in products I used everyday. This included, deodorant, toothpaste and feminine products.

I talked about my feminine hygiene transition here.

Now, I wanted to share my body hygiene transition.

With a lot of natural product transitions you have to get used to different textures. That was the biggest transition adjustment for me.


This was the hardest transition for me with transitioning from regular products to natural, there were some really smelly days. Transitioning from deodorant that I was used to using to natural deodorant. It caused me to learn my body better, which included my b.o. 😷

I started off using a natural deodorant but it didn’t work well with my b.o. during the detox stage.

When you first transition to natural deodorant, your body has to detox the toxins that has been covered up by other deodorants. The timeframe it takes for your body to detox depends all in your body.


Transitioning from regular to natural toothpaste wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was actually a pretty easy transition. I started off using one natural toothpaste but personally didn’t like it.

Dr.Bronners is my favorite brand for toothpaste and soap.

Certain brands tend to be too watery though and I don’t like the texture of it.


I personally prefer using liquid soap over bar and like to stick with Dr. Bronners. Their products are the most natural in my opinion. It doesn’t have the perfume smell and doesn’t leave my skin irritated. Soap in my opinion is the easiest natural version to find.

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