Feeling Like My Best Self

Right now I’m working on transitioning into my best self.

It’s a project that I realized I’ve neglected for so long. My life has been on go, go, go. From school, to work, maintaining my personal life and fake self care.

Now I’m focusing more on how I’ve been overworking and over extending myself. Personally, I feel it comes from feeling disappointed that I haven’t accomplished enough or should be further than I am. It’s a constant battle but I’m working on it.

My current focus is defining my style. I have been inspired by @notouriouskia video, how to discover your personal style, here. I took notes and plan on revamping myself this summer. I’m excited to share this journey with you all of my makeover and this continuous transition of defining myself.

Do you struggle with the project of you? How do you maintain yourself or work to do so?

Inspire On,


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