February Goals

Reflecting over the way 2018 started, I feel satisfied. I didn’t quite reach my goals, but I did begin to implement habits.

I realized almost immediately that two of my goals conflicted, creating a healthy lifestyle and traveling. While traveling I want to eat at popular restaurants that probably cause me to reach my calorie limit in one meal. The biggest struggle was transporting my water jug, aiming for my water intake goal and not having to pee every five minutes. I definitely saw where some of my goals were not well thought our or didn’t transfer across my lifestyle. This was a good thing because as I discussed in Setting Realistic Goals, it caused me to evaluate the plan and make changes.

For February my goals are:

I am looking into getting a Longchamp or a Fjall Raven backpack for travel. I feel that both would be perfect for transporting my things along with a carry on. In addition, to a new bag I am searching to find a water bottle that is better for travel. I am learning to accept that I may not be able to reach all of my normal healthy lifestyle goals, however, i plan to define that I see fit while traveling.

While I am sticking to my plan of reading one book a month. I have added to that a plan to read my bible in a year. My faith has been at the forefront of my life lately. Working to reading the bible in a year has been a tough one while traveling. However, I am learning as I go.

For the month of January. I considered it my reset month.  I began to drink more water, started creating a grocery shopping list and fitness plan. It felt good to define my goals and how I wanted to go about accomplishing them.

How has the start of the your year been? Have you been able to stick to your goals?


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