Exhaustion !!


As I have loved blogging, one thing that I aim to keep transparent in my blog.

If you noticed over the past month, I haven’t been as consistent with my blog as I would’ve liked.

Life has been going in a completely different direction than I expected.

In April. I started back working full-time, now living in New York City, I didn’t realize how much of a toll it would take on my body physically or mentally.

The first week, wasn’t as bad, as a freelancer, I had weeks were I would work 12 hours straight for 3 days but go back to a slower paced day until my next big gig. Now working a full 40 hours, going to the gym, eating healthy, keeping my face cleaned and trying to maintain my mental wasn’t happening for me.

My body began to feel exhausted and gave out on me. I mentally couldn’t function one day and felt out of my body. It was a feeling I never want to feel again. I was exhausted not so much physically but just drained mentally.

Going from living in Florida where it would take me about 10 minutes to get to work to a crowded train and traveling for 30 minutes into the city was tiring me.

I honestly, haven’t found the right solution or mix for this yet, but I am working to discovering it. This past weekend, I got rid of so much stuff to help clear my space and create an even more clearer environment at home.

I’m still working on my financial health and getting that in order, I am excited to reach more milestones over the next few months.

I workout every morning before work and on the weekends an eat healthy-ish. (Having an office job with food everywhere has challenged my discipline.)

Although, I haven’t found the right mix, I do want to share my journey with others and let you know that its not always easy and peaches and creams. I do like to be as positive as possible, but I also have my darker days as well.

Have you moved to a bigger city and it fxcked up your mental? How did you combat it?

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