Building A New York City Wardrobe on a Budget

Moving to New York City, I realized quickly that my style needed a major upgrade. 

Coming from Florida, I was used to wearing light layers such as cardigans, camis, or capri yoga pants. If I wore jeans it would be distressed never really wearing an actual pair of jeans. 

With the weather difference, I noticed that I am going to have to change my wardrobe. I wanted to change my wardrobe anyway. 

The first step is I realized there was a lot of clothes that I held onto that I needed to get rid of not only because it wasn’t season, but because it didn’t fit with the style I was going for. 

The first step for me has been finding jeans. I asked on my Instagram @fashionistaontherun_ which styles I should go for and the response was Target and TopShop. I was warned that TopShop jeans were an investment purchase. 

So far I have purchased Target ad Urban brand jeans, BDG. 

Do you have any jeans suggestions for me? 

Style On, 


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