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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and my favorite meal of the day. Brunch is perfect for those relaxed mornings spending time catching up with friends . This past weekend a friend, Erin,and I decided to try out Root and Pecker’s brunch.

Root and Pecker is located in Gainesville, Florida. Food for Root and Pecker is sourced from local farmers. When you walk into Root and Pecker and pick up a menu you can see where each item is sourced from that will make your meal. Which is perfect for a health conscious person like myself.

My friend,Erin, and I quickly decided on eggs benedict and decided to get it in the original and southern style to share.

You know the happy dance you do when your meal comes out? That is exactly what I did when I saw our food headed to our table.

Root and Pecker never dissapoints and they certainly didn’t that day.The sauce in the southern benedict was so creamy and the eggs were cooked to perfection. The side of fruit gave it the perfect balance to top off the meal.

Southern Egg Benedict

Bowl of Fruit

Original Egg Benedict

Have you been to Root and Pecker before? If so what did you order? I need more suggestions.


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