Brunchin’ | Bagels & Noodles

Continuing on my journey to try out more brunch places in Gainesville, Florida, the next stop on my journey is Bagels and Noodles. Bagels and Noodles is located near the University of Florida, which makes for a great place past brunch. The best part to me about the restaurant is that you can get breakfast and lunch all day long and they open up super early.

My friend, Nicole, who I went to brunch with, had her eye on the pancake sandwich, but ended up changing her mind. We decided to split and I ordered breakfast and she ordered lunch and then we share our food between us. I mean sharing is caring.

I ordered Lil’s Mo with Meat which came with two slices of french toast, scrambled eggs and two pork sausages.

For lunch, Nicole ordered shrimp, rice and grilled onions. The sauce was sweet, but not overly sweet. 

It was safe to say we both preferred their lunch over breakfast. It was more satisfying. I ordered a Thai Tea to let Nicole try it out, I love sharing new experiences with my friends.

If you haven’t already check out my last brunch review here, Root and Pecker. Any suggestions on where I should brunch next?



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